Custom built Seawalls

G & E builds only the best quality seawalls using treated wood products for a lasting result. Your lake property must be protected against erosion caused by the lake water and its activity.

Our seawalls also create a professionally designed appearance and ties in well with your lot's landscaping. Each wall is anchored by 6" x 6" posts driven at least 24 inches down. Then we use 2" X 8" boards to form the wall frame before coming in with the vertical 2" x 6" boards. The wall is secured with galvanized thread ties between the wall's 6" x 6" beams and another set of 6" x 6" beams driven in behind the wall.


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This allows for maximum strength behind the wall (dirt, fill, etc.) A silk screen is also used on the back surface of the wall to prevent leaking of any kind. A 2" x 8" board is used to cap the wall which also acts as a deterrent against weather and normal erosion.